You can Upgrade to Windows 10 FCU for Free using Assistive Technologies Option

If by any chance you are still rocking Windows 7 or WIndows 8.1 powered machine, you can still upgrade to Windows 10 FCU using Assistive technologies Option. Microsoft is offering this as a free upgrade to those using assistive technology, but since there is no mandatory check, the option is virtually open for all.

However, there is a big catch. The upgrade is only available for genuine Windows 7 or 8.1 devices. Before the upgrade starts, the upgrade advisor will check if your Windows machine is activated, and if it passes the test, you will get it for free. This is the third major update for Windows 10, and even though Microsoft is moving towards Windows As a Service,  upgrade till this point is free. You must grab it within a year.

Source: Microsoft

How to get Windows 10 FCU for Free:

  • Open this link which will take you to the offer page for “Windows 10 assistive technologies Upgrade”
  • Click on ‘Upgrade Now’. This will download the Upgrade Assistant tool.
  • Run the tool, and follow the instructions.
  • Once the preliminary checks are complete, it will download the files, and upgrade your PC to Windows 10 FCU.

Microsoft had been running offers like this since Windows 10 announcement which was released in 2015 and has offered an upgrade for free for many. In case you held back for any reason, its time you hit that upgrade button.

That said, Microsoft pretty much knows about it and is not blocking this trick for obvious reasons. They would definitely want more, and more users to get on board, till the migration is complete, and they might announce something which will push to the paid wall.

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