Amazon drops its plan to bundle popular U.S. broadcast and cable networks for its online streaming service

Amazon had been very successful with its Prime membership idea which not just includes benefits for shopping, but gives access to a plethora of Amazon services including Prime Video, Music, Kindle and more. The company was in talks to launch an online streaming service which would include popular shows from U.S. broadcast and cable networks. Looks like Amazon has dropped its ...

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Check out the Updated list of Xbox One X Enhanced Games

Xbox’s MajorNelson has updated the list of games that have been enhanced for Xbox One X, and there are few new titles as well. While the list started with 50, though 70 was the bar that was set, now there over 80 games on the list, and Microsoft aims to grow further. That official list goes to 130, and having ...

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GameStop might have Stopped its “Unlimited used Games Program”

Only a few weeks ago, we shared the GameStop”Power Pass Subscription” which allowed gamers to keep borrowing used disc-based games for a monthly subscription. Looks like the program has been halted already. We have elected to temporarily pause the rollout of the new PowerPass subscription service, based on a few program limitations we have identified. We feel this is the right ...

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