Microsoft Launches Surface Book 2 ; Claims 17 hrs of Battery Life

When everybody waited for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Rollout, Microsoft surprised everybody with the second version of Surface Book 2. The first version came out in 2015,  and it has been one of the most innovative laptops…that HINGE!!! That said, there is no major change when it comes to design, but the hardware specs have bumped up for good, and Microsoft claims it ...

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Windows users are safe from the “KRACK” Wi-Fi vulnerability

Yesterday, a new Wi-Fi vulnerability was discovered called KRACK. This affects almost all computers which connect to the internet over Wi-Fi irrespective of which Router one is using. This also includes those which are secured.  This vulnerability allowed hackers to inject malicious content, and even manipulate data and huge possibility of injecting malware like Ransomware. Multiple conditions would need to be ...

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LinkedIn is directly integrated in Huawei’s EMUI 8.0

While many of us have now started to expect Microsoft to build an Android Phone, but looks like Microsoft have a different plan. While the company did abandon their own Mobile Platform,  they are bringing all Microsoft services to all mobile platforms. There are tons of apps already available from Microsoft for Android and iOS, and in today’s big announcement, Linked ...

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