7 Easy Ways to do Multitasking on Windows 10 Like a Boss


We live in a world which is fast paced and hectic and which ensures that all of us are good at multitasking or we will be losing a lot in life. In such a situation, it becomes very convenient to have an OS which helps us to multitask so that our life becomes a tad bit simpler. Whichever system you ...

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Microsoft Announces Fitbit Skill for Cortana, Logs Data using Voice

When it comes to Fitness, Fitbit Blaze is what I always look forward to every morning, followed by an hour of walk.  Then comes Cortana which I use for many things including Reminders, Daily Traffic reminders and so on.  And todays Microsoft announcement of adding Fitbit Skill to Cortana, had just made me smile!! Microsoft and Fitbit have partnered together ...

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Surface Diagnostic Tool now Available in Windows Store for Windows 10 S

Surface Repair & Diagnostic Tool lets you check for problems in your Surface devices, and if you are running Windows 10 S on the newly launched Surface devices, you can download this tool for the iniital check.  This tool will let you perform & partly fix software issues, and also check on hardware issues.  Remember, this is only for diagnosis, ...

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