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Check out the New Hamburger Style Windows 10 Start Menu in Upcoming Anniversary Update

When Microsoft announced the Anniversary Update for Windows 10, they also shared that a new design for Start Menu is in the works. Microsoft has asked for community feedback on the Start menu could become like, specially the Apps list. While that is in still works, Microsoft never teased during Build 2016, until today.

Luckily Today, Jen A software engineer & community champ, who also works on various UI on Windows 10, from Microsoft, showed a small GIF, which showcases the new design for the Start Menu having a hamburger menu which brings the app list in front.  As of now when you hit the Start, you get to see Most Used, File Explorer, Settings and so on with All Apps option at the end.  There is also an option which shows even a bigger screen for all apps. The hamburger menu is customizable, with option to add the same shortcuts users, already have access to on Windows 10.

Start Screen Hamburger Menu

Looking at the Tiles on the Start Menu, it seems the extra space has been scrapped out from it, and looks more compact. If you do not like the new options, make sure to send your feedback and idea to Microsoft using this survey.  You can also use Microsoft Feedback HUB on your Windows 10 PC to add your input, and up vote the news ones to draw attention. For example I would like to have an option to replace “Most used” and “Recently added” with “Recently used” and “Favourite pins”


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