ChevronWP7 Comes To An End; All Unlocked WP Handsets Will Be Re-Locked Within 120 Days!

Bad news Windows Phone jailbreaking community! ChevronWP7, which played a major role in supercharging the development in the WP hacking community, is shutting down. The service allowed hackers and lobbyists to unlock their Windows Phone for only $10 compared to the $99 that Microsoft charges for unlocking any WP device. Yes, by unlocking your device from MS users can publish their app on the Marketplace, but developers, general users and hackers are not interested in publishing apps in the Marketplace.

ChevronWP7 service was very popular among WP hackers, and had managed to sell 10,000 developer unlock tokens in about 2 months at the beginning of this year. If this was bad news, the heart breaking news is that if you unlocked your WP handset using ChevronWP7 service, then your handset will automatically get re-locked within 120 days beginning from April 13th.

Oh! And what about that 10$ you paid for ChevronWP7? Here is what the ChevronWP7 blog had to say about this -:

If a ChevronWP7 customer signs up, Microsoft will refund the first year’s registration fee via Credit Card charge reversal.

I seriously hope some cheap WP handset jailbreaking tool pops up in the next few months, because I am sure no one will be interested in developer unlocking their handset by paying a whopping $99 to Microsoft.

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