ChevronWP7 Opens up its Lab to Unlock Windows Phone

Getting a Windows Phone developer unlocked using Micrsoft App Hub is a costly business because for many, it is just fun to try out apps which is not in Windows Phone market or they develop on their own and paying 99 USD does not make sense for everybody.

CehvronWP7 was the first initiative that was taken to Jailbreak or Developer Unlock Windows Phone which is now in collaboration with Microsoft  are now officially providing a cheaper ( lot cheaper ) solution to Unlock your Windows Phone. Price Tag is 9 USD  ONLY. Skip to Video Demo

Update : I will suggest to ask Chevronwp7 Labs directly if you have some doubts before you go and buy. You can also read some of the FAQ which I have collected over.

  • Download SDK Tools ( 32 | 64 Bit ) and Make sure Zune is installed. Source
  • First Make sure to give your Windows Phone a Unique Name in Zune. Not sure why but that is what the FAQ suggest, it seems it is being used to distinguish the phones. You can set the name using Zune under settings > Phone > name Your Phone.
Name your Phone in Zune
  • Go to and Sign in with your Live ID.  I would suggest you to use the same live id which you  are using on your phone.

Chevron Unlock Windows Phone

  • Next Step once you are signed in you will be informed that your email associated with the profile will be shared with ChevronWP7. Then your profile will be registered with some basic details.

Chevron WP Register

  • Next you will option to Buy a Token from Them using PayPal and Download the Tool to unlock your Windows Phone. Once payment is complete you will see the token under Get Token Section.

Chevron WP7 Unlock Tool

  • Download and Run the Unlock Tool. It will check if Zune is running and your phone is not locked.

Chevron WP7 Unlock Code

  • Enter the Token which you got from them and the phone will be unlocked.

Chevron WP Unlocked

  • Now to deploy any of the Third Part App or HomeBrew App, Download Windows Phone SDK and look for a Tool which says XapDeploy.exe.  Browse and Deploy the XAP file into your phone.

Deplying Third Part Xap Files using Chevron unlocked Phone

Which XAP Files will not get Deployed ?

Any App which is dependent on Interop Unlock will fail to get deployed with an error code “Error oX8130120”.  This is confirmed by ChevronWP7 where they say “We’d all like Interop unlock but it doesn’t come with it at this stage.”

What is the Minimum Requirement ?

  • Works on Windows Vista, 7 but not XP.
  • Needs Windows Phone SDK

Video Demo : ( Watch on YouTube )

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  1. Nice guide, but i am still confused.. Do i, or do i not need huge SDK installed, if i’m gonna use homebrew deployer?

    For the unlock process, as i can tell, only the WP Support tool is needed.

  2. You need a deployer which can be either the official tool or any third party. Basic requirement is zune plus any deployer


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