Schedule or Instantly Stop Music / Podcasts on WP7

In this post I will list down the apps which allow you to control music externally so you can stop or schedule when appropriate.

Stop Music Scheduler

Useful when you hit your bed and dont want your phone to run along all night draining your battery. This app can turn off your music at any scheduled time i.e. like after 10 minutes  and the could be from any music app like Pandora, Sound hound or any app which integrates with Zune

Schedule to turn off music

The only criteria of this app is that when you get to sleep, make sure this is what you see on the phone screen and then lock i.e. This should be the running app not that you had switched to the player.

When the phone is locked, the timer runs a bit delayed or early to save batter i.e. it checks every 5 second instead of 1 second.


Stop The Music App :

If you do listen to music on your Windows Phone, you must have noticed that the Music Controls remain on your Windows Phone all the time unless you have rebooted your phone. This also means anybody can hit the play button or you may have accidentally pressed it which you never wanted. The only way to clear this is to reboot your phone or use this app

Stop the Music Configuration

Stop The Music App clears this controls from your Windows Phone as soon as you launch it. It Stops and Clears the Zune Playlist. When you launch the app for the first time, you will have to give permission so it can clear it quickly.

You can also pin this app on your start menu and pressing the live tile will clear of the music

If you are on a long drive and want to have the controls right there,  just turn this off and it will not clear the Playlist. I really wish that this app would have allowed me to clear this after a certain interval. This will be useful for people who love to listen to music at night and sleep while its playing their Favorite tune.


Screenshot :

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