The Coalition yet again brings Old & Refurbished Maps to Gears of War 4

There is nothing like getting a constant update to the game you play most of the time and while  The Coalition has kept their promise to bring fresh maps for Season Pass holders every month, it’s disappointing that the maps aren’t really fresh. In the July Update for Gears of War 4, there are two maps –Raven Down and Reclaimed Windflare.

Raven Down is from Gears of War 1 which brings good old memories to veterans, and a fresh feeling for those who started with Gears of War.  Raven Down is more about close quarter combat, and good for Verses, but then to what I have heard from my fellow gamers, it’s easy. The next map is Reclaimed Windflare which is much like night mode for existing Reclaimed with a lot of Winds and lightning. I am not sure yet if it’s available for Horde as well. However it will add challenges for weapons like BuzzKill, Boomshot and Dropshots as the projectile will alter.

If you have a Season Pass, then the update is out and it counts to 3.57 GB. It will enable  Developer Playlist. Those who don’t have the pass will have to wait until July 12 for it to become available in Public Match.

I really wish Gears can start building new maps for Geras Fan now and make the Season Pass look worth it instead of just recycling old maps. I don’t deny that we I don’t like to try out Maps from Gears I haven’t played, but then IMO, you cannot just keep on doing it.

That said,  The Coalition is holding new events for Gears Fans


  • Raven Down 24/7: To celebrate the release of the ever popular Raven Down, we’ll be running Raven Down 24/7 across multiple game modes later this month!
  • More for Horde Players: We recently released a new variant of Horde called ‘Anything Goes’, which pits you against 50 waves of randomized enemies. We’ll have another new Horde event for fans to take on later this month.

Source: Xbox Wire

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