Common Mistakes Made in Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a game that demands its players to get their heads around a lot of features. You are going to see a lot of phrases thrown around such as PoE Orbs or PoE Uniques, or how to make the most of your inventory with PoE Trade. Perhaps you hear a lot about how PoE currency works, and what is the best build to have. With all of that in mind, mistakes are easily made. So here are a few common mistakes that players often make when playing the free-to-play ARPG offering.

Bulk Armour

With a lot of online games that have an upgrade system for your character, it can often be tempting to make a character centred around bulk armour. This is rather redundant in Path of Exile since the majority of bosses are more than likely going to squash you regardless of the armour that you are using, especially early on. Rare monsters can also give you a hard time whether you have bulk armour or not. The focus of Flask mods and have a modest set of armour instead, and you may well notice the difference.

Path of Exile Mistakes

Selling Items

This is a very common mishap with PoE players. We are often overwhelmed in the early stages of the game with an abundance of items that we may not be sure of their value or not. This leads us to sell items that may have actually been of some value to others when being a part of a PoE trade or may have been a useful item to us later in the game. Other players will often take note of this, and use their experience to get these items from you to trade themselves if you are not within the know at that time.

With that being said, you can avoid this by taking the time to research the items that you have before getting rid. You can also take a look into how much the items are worth on trading sites, so you can make the most of them if you are going to sell them.

Lack of Focus on Block PoE Builds

Building a block character can vastly improve your chances of survival. This is something that is often overlooked when starting out. Players will often opt for attempting to make a character that is a bit of an all-rounder, but it can sometimes be best to choose certain options even if it means sacrificing another. For example, you might have to lose out of DPS with a block build, but overall your survivability is going to significantly increase.

Listening to Others

This might seem a bit straightforward to make the list, but you would be surprised at how often it’s overlooked. When first playing the game, it can be tempting to just get stuck in and go in blind. This does however often lead to mistakes being made, some of which are very avoidable.

Thankfully, Path of Exile has a thriving community, one that isn’t always shy in giving others a helping hand. You can find a lot of useful information on the game’s forums, as well as social media platforms with any burning questions you may have. You are bound to come across other players that have made the same mistakes that you have, so a little advice can go a long way.

Overall, it’s best not to dwell on mistakes in Path of Exile. After all, there is an awful lot for you to have to get your head around, even in the early stages of the game. This means that it does require a bit of research and knowledge building to get yourself started, but by doing so you can dodge a lot of the pitfalls that greet new players.

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