Continuum to Get Xbox Controller & Connect to any Windows 10 PC Support

Microsoft is working on some cool feature which will extend the use case of Continuum via the Microsoft Display Dock.  This amazing hardware lets you convert your Windows 10 Mobile into almost a PC, and use apps, and applications like Office documents or anything which  has a universal app.

Continuum Display Dock Setup

In a video demo shown at Build 2016 event, here are some of the features that will come to consumers. This again extend the universal platform and one OS idea.

  1. You will be able to connect to a Windows 10 PC, and use its screen and keyboard with your phone. Yes you get the same Windows 10 PC like experience, except that its your own Phone that is displayed there.
  2. Microsoft’s Display dock will support Xbox Controller with an update. Game developers will have to add some code to  support the controller feature in their games. Once done you can connect your controller on to the dock, and play games. Very cool.
  3. Continuum will also support dumb terminals with USB-C and USB peripherals.You will have to connect it to the dock directly for it. Once done, you can use Keyboard, and Mouse with it.
  4. Microsoft also demoed a feature which lets you run virtualized software to your phone through Continuum. They can basically run WIN32 Applications on Azure Platform now.

All this is very interesting because it actually goes an extra step to improve the mobile experience. Yeah, I know, Microsoft have only said Windows Phone only 5 times the build, but guess what ? Every move they make for Windows 10 also passes on to Windows 10 Mobile. You build for Windows 10 PC, it can be easily deployed to Windows 10 Mobile.

One of the recent features where Microsoft demonstrated that Action centre will become portable, notification dismissal will go cross-platform, all point to Windows 10, and on the Mobile Platform. So yeah, it’s not dead, but it’s  not a major focus right now. Microsoft is now going the other way around.

via MSPU


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