Cortana on Android gets Notification Integration with Windows 10 PC

Microsoft is working in right direction to make all its services cross-platform, and Cortana is no exception. In yesterdays updated to Cortana, Microsoft has enabled Notification Missed Call notification, App Notification Sync, Incoming Message Sync and Low Battery Notification. You can even send replies to SMS on your Android Phone from Windows 10 PC. However, this will need your PC to be on Windows 10 Insiders Latest Build 14342 Fast Ring, and soon will be available to general consumers with Anniversary Update.

Conrtana Android Windows 10 Integration

Note that even Cortana is only available right now for US, but the APK can be downloaded, and used from well know sites. Interesting that even Cortana Interest stay unavailable ( I m in India), the notification features worked perfectly for me. Once installed go to Settings > Sync Notification and toggle:

  • Missed call notifications.
  • Incoming Message Notifications.
  • Low Battery Notifications.
  • App Notifications Sync

Cortana Integreation Windows 10

I am using Lumia 950 XL, and LG K10 right now, and notification from both the devices are working flawlessly. Few things I noticed:

  • App notifications have “Get App feature” which will find the respective app for you on Windows 10.
  • Replies to messages work, but there is no way see the messages in Messaging App. When I tried switching to Android Phone from Messaging settings, the devices is not yet listed.  You can see in the future above that message Sync hasn’t been enabled yet.

Have ou tried Cortana on Android with Windows 10 PC as a combination? If yes let us know how your experience is.

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