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Cortana can now Manage a To-Do List with added Wunderlist integration

Holiday season is about to kick in, and Microsoft today has introduced “To-Do” feature to Cortana for United States.  If you are on Windows 10, iOS or Android, all you need to say “Hey Cortana, create a Holiday list”, and then keep adding your stuff to that list over voice.  Pretty convenient if something flash by.

That said, Microsoft has also added an integrated option with Wunderlist. While creating and managing a Todo list remains native to Cortana, if you connect it with Wanderlust account, you can enjoy the features of one of the most used To-Do list app. This of course will need to you to install the application on your phone.

Cortana is still growing, and it will take time for it become useful everywhere. The only good thing is that Microsoft continues to work on it to bring new features like this to improvement on voice recognition front as well.

It will be of no surprise that Cortana will become the defecto personal assistant wherever you go, any device you use.

We just hope that Microsoft opens these features to everywhere rather sooner. Compared to Google Now, thats the biggest challenge it faces. Not only Google Now is spot on, it is also faster compared to it. However there are features that works well with Cortana including Windows 10 Integration for Miss Calls, Instant replies and so on.

If you are on a PC, you can change your region to Enable Cortana to get these latest features.

Source / Credit : Windows 10 Blog

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