Cortana can now read your Emails from Outlook, Gmail and more

Cortana & Email integration isn’t new. Cortana already can send email to a contact by using email id, and short text, but what is new is Cortana’s feature to check if you have a new email. This works anywhere you have Cortana i.e. Phone, PC or even on the Harmon Kardon Invoke speaker. In fact, we reported this coming only yesterday but that’s for Android & iOS.

So now once you connect your Outlook or Gmail or Office 365 account with Cortana (Notebook > Connected Services > Add a service),  Cortana will have access to your emails and can read it for you. It follows simple commands like “Hey Cortana, Do I have a new email since yesterday?”, and it will list you the emails which are in your Inbox. It will also tell you from whom the email is, and if it’s important. Followed by this, you can hear emails from particular contact person, and also send back a reply (short message works best).

That said, the feature doesnt work as expected. I have tried a couple of times, and even though I have new emails in my Outlook, and Gmail, it fails to recognize it. The only time it has worked for me is when I had sent an email using Cortana (yes you can), and Cortana was able to figure it out.

Thats disappointing. While Microsoft can say that this is work in progress, but I have little hope for it work as good as expected, specially with US centric mindset.

This feature was revealed yesterday on Mixer. Check out at 14 minutes. 

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