Cortana powered Harman Kardon Invoke might be priced at $150

Harman Kardon, the only “Cortana Powered” smart speaker Microsoft have ever talked about, with a lot of delays, might have a price tag now….approximately as always.  You can take this with a pinch of salt or the whole tablespoon, depends on your taste.

First showcased in May, this device showed up in price listing on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Rewards page under MyVIP Bling section.  Its a place where you can earn gems, and then trade it for Microsoft products if you want. The speakers were listed there for 5,000 gems category along with an approximate retail value of $150.

Harman Kardon Invoke pricing potentially confirmed by Microsoft

Source: Windows Central

It was only yesterday when Google announced new smart speakers, and Amazon has already been crushing it with their Echo product which was also launched in India yesterday. Amazon’s Echo Plus costs $150, and Google Home sells at $129. If the $150 is the correct value, then its pretty much in the lineup.

That said, I would rather skip these speakers, and invest in Google or Amazon mostly because of higher skill sets, and the success rate, especially with Amazon products.

Cortana is yet to open up everywhere, and it’s mostly restricted to very few countries, and even though its there by default on many Windows 10 devices, I really don’t see it being used that often. Right now, if you love Cortana, you need to wait for it to evolve,  but you can always invest in Echo, and since Microsoft is bringing Cortana to Echo products, you won’t miss it.

via WindowsCentral