Cortana-powered Harman Kardon Speaker is coming in 2017 using Skills Kit and Devices SDK

It was only yesterday we talked about Cortana coming on IoT devices which have a screen, and today Microsoft has opened up Cortana both for device manufacturers, and developers to leverage new skill sets, and access the SDK to build your own personal assistant, and make it smarter.

I am expecting that we will see a couple of Cortana powered devices in 2017, and since Cortana is available in 15 languages till now compared to Google Home which only supports 2, and Alexa supports only 7.


Cortana Devices SDK :

Available in private preview, this will help manufacturers build devices similar to Amazon’s Echo. One can use these even without a screen or on a card Dashboard. If you are a device manufacturers,  sign up today to receive updates as we move out of private preview.

Harman Kardon is already working on one, and we should see something in 2017.  In the above example you can see how you can easily play music, and Cortana style visuals.

Any device using the SDK will be able to deliver real-time, two-way audio communications with Skype, Email, calendar and list integration – all helping Cortana make life easier, everywhere. And, of course, it will carry Cortana expert skills across devices.

Cortana Skills Kit

This feature allows developers to connect their services to Cortana using Microsoft Bot Framework. Its more like extending Cortana Skills, seamlessly. So if you are running a Medicine Delivery Service, you can have your bot and Cortana talking, but the end user would only know on how to order a medicine.  This is more like context based execution.

All this will become a reality next year, the only part we will have to wait for is the perfection.  If Microsoft pasts though it, its going be a major game changer for the company, specially being on all platforms now. More here

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