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How Cortana Tracks Train Reservations in India & works during Travel

We reported about Cortana in India can now track Train Reservations from your email accounts. I had a chance to see how it works in action during my past month travel, and its pretty fantastic.

Here is what you can experience with Cortana’s Train Travel Card:

  • Train Travel information show up right on top the day you are travelling when you open Cortana. Prior to the day of travel, it shows up at the end if all the interests.
  • The card shows the following details:
    • Start and End stations.
    • Date & Time when the train leaves from source station and reaches destination.
    • PNR No
    • Passenger Details along with Seat No and Status
  • Post this you have a link to see fun schedule of the train which includes Station Name, Halt duration, arrival time.
  • When you open the train schedule  during your travel, you will get to see your current location which will be somewhere between two stations.

The only thing that is missing right now is the Live Status of the Train. If the cards can tell it, it can be super awesome. This is really important and Cortana should get this feature as IRCTC does have API or Live Tracking of their train.

Coming back to basics, How do you get Train Travel Card in Cortana. Follow the steps:

  • Cortana > Notebook > Travel and enable Train Reservations. The place has Flights & Trip Plan.
  • Next when Cortana finds ticket reservations from your emails, you will have to manually confirm.
  • This shows up right at the end of this section under “Your Upcoming Train Trips Confirmed By You”
  • You can confirm or delete it. The idea here is many a times we even have tickets which are in Waiting list or RAC, and its better not to confirm unless its gets confirmed.

Let us know if you have tried it, and whats your experience like.

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