What Cortana on Windows Phone Can Do? Here is the list

Today, Microsoft announced Cortana at Build 2014 and the only person to swipe the stage and take all the attention was–CORTANA–Microsoft’s Digital Assistant for Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft with all their heart has built this program right into the Windows Phone core and there are tons of things she can do.

Cortana is a direct take on Google’s “Ok Now” and Apple’s Siri and can almost learn everything about the way you use your Windows Phone, Integrated with your Facebook to figure out your relations with friends, weather and so on. As a matter of fact, as soon as you launch the app, Cortana will have things ready for you depending on what you being doing lately.

  • You will be able to configure it according to your preferences.
  • This will include right from News from health to entertainment to your emails. This is configurable from the settings where you can specify your interests.
  • The interests could be Daily glance, Traffic, Out and About, Travel, Weather Near Me and so on. The trip planner is interesting because it will tell you status about your flight and all. Best part you can configure it to turn off looking at your emails but then there is no point.
  • Apart from these you have remind me, quiet hours, places, music searches.
  • Quiet hours is something you will admire because its completely configurable.  It even has breakthrough rules which is like exceptions which allows you to get notifications from your inner circle i.e. close contacts, which is another awesome feature. You have text integration as well.

Kortana Notebook

  • Cortana comes with privacy controls which allows you to allow which apps it can peek through.
  • It comes with Music ID listening which is very similar to Shazam.
  • Windows Search Key now points to Cortana.
  • You can launch Cortana to do stuff you always have waited till date. You can make a call, text, calendar, create a note, alarm,  music, places and so on.
  • It also comes with Foursquare Integration which allows you to do a check-in, show leader board, specials and so on.
  • The weather feature is really impressive because you can ask if you would need a raincoat the next day or not.

Kortana Weather

Calendar Integration:

Using this feature, you will not only be able to find if you are busy next week, but also create new calendar appointments. Crotana will be able to get in your app data and figure things out for you which will make sure that anything you look for is available via one data point. That said, if you have any conflict with existing appointment, you will be able to reschedule the appointment right away.

That said, there is lot more that can be done, Cortana is not the soul of Windows Phone enabled from everywhere. Right from making calls, to getting reminder when somebody calls you. It’s giving birth to a new integration all Windows Phone users were looking for.  What do you think?

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