Cortana’s updated interface puts Skills Upfront in Windows 10

In the recent update of Windows 10 for Insiders, Microsoft has revamped the user interface of Cortana, the digital assistant, to make sure its more usable, and skills get some attention. The skills have shown for the first time and seem like Microsoft will make the skills available on every possible device running Windows 10, without depending on any hardware.

Notebook UI Changes:

This new tabbed interface has two sections. First is Organizer, and the second is obviously the Skills. Organizer groups Lists, and Reminders together. You can add them quickly with a click of a button. Skills page shows the option to discover more skills, list of music providers, connected home, and accounts connected with Cortana.

The next change is a merger of Cortana Collections with Lists which will help Microsoft deliver better-personalized suggestions. When you add stuff to Lists, Cortana will start giving you suggestions based on your lists like restaurants to try out, recipes to make, books to read, movies & shows to watch, things to shop

Source: Windows Blog

This new reorganization has resulted in a bit of mess up. All your existing items on the list, once you upgrade to this build, find them under suggestions. You will have to manually move them.

Cortana Music Integration:

Just like Google Assistant, Cortana will be able to control your music on your PC or Notebook, even with the screen locked. You can ask Cortana to Plat Christmas through your favorite streaming service like Spotify. You can ask Cortana to play the type of music you want to listen.

This is one of the major updates to Cortana, and Skills getting the focus tells me that Microsoft will make it possible to have Smart Home Automation to be controlled right from your PC, but then it doesn’t compete with Google Mini or Amazon’s EchoDot.


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