Create OneDrive Albums using Photos App from Windows 10 Mobile & PC

Photos App on Windows 10 Mobile & PC lets you create “Virtual” Albums which comes in handy when you want to show only set of pictures to anybody. They aren’t real folders, not on the phone or pc at least.  When I first tried  it using the Insiders Build, I wasn’t sure why this feature was even present, but now it makes a lot of sense.

In one of the updates to Photos App, upload feature has been enabled which is visible when you create an Album. Once you create a visual album on your Phone or PC, you can choose to upload to OneDrive. The photos from your device is uploaded, and an album is created which can be accessed by going to OneDrive > Photos section > Albums.

Here is how you do it:

  • Launch Photos App.
  • Switch to Albums section. If you have taken a picture using the camera or taken a screenshot, you should see Camera Roll and Screenshots folders.
  • Now Look for a “+” sign in the menu bar. Tap and it will ask you to select pictures you want to add to the album. You will have to select at least one picture.
  • Photo app supports microSD Card and it lists all of them including photos on Phone Storage and OneDrive under collection tabs.


  • Next, You can name it by changing the default which is current date.  You can also chosen Album cover from the selected pictures.
  • To add pictures to the album, first open and then select edit and then you will be able to add more pictures, remove it and even delete the album.
  • When you delete the album it does not remove the photos and videos inside it.

How to Upload this as Album on OneDrive:

  • First make sure Photos App can show content from OneDrive. Go to Settings > Toggle on “Show My cloud only content from OneDrive”
  • Now open the album your created on the phone, and want to upload to OneDrive.
  • Look for an upload button. Press and it will create the album and also upload pictures to OneDrive.

Create OneDrive Albums Windows 10 Photo App 2

  • A progress section appears on top post this. You can cancel if you want.
  • An option to share this album is also available. This will create a Public Link which you can share anywhere.

Note: Once the album is uploaded to OneDrive, there is no virtual album left on the phone or pc. If you delete this, it will delete it from OneDrive as well. No photos or videos will get deleted from the phone.

This is a neat feature Photos App has picked up along with other improvements we have seen in last few updates. Let us know what you think about this feature.

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