How to Create Private Torrent Files to share files with Friends and Family

Torrents are one of the best ways to distribute big files between friends, groups of people, or in a network.

Unlike media file hosts, Google Drive, and other file share sites, utorrent free download for Windows 10 won’t have limitations in terms of file size and number of downloads, or its nature. It means you and your chosen group, or even the public will have access to the torrent no matter how big it is or how many times it was downloaded.

Create Private Torrent File

If you’ve used a torrent client such as utorrent before, you’ll know how easy it is to download files on the internet. All you have to do is to click the ‘download torrent’ button, and the filesharing client does the rest for you.

But what if you need to create your very own torrent file?

Thankfully, making one is easy, and it only takes a few minutes. Here’s how to get started. Afterwards, you can begin making torrent files for just about any file, folder, or preferred directory for people to download across the world wide web.

1] Download and Install uTorrent

Create Private Torrent File

You can download any torrent client out there, but for ease of use and popularity, we recommend uTorrent because it’s free and available for Windows 10 users. Go to the official website, pick the latest version and your OS, or operating system, and download it. Then, install and open the torrent platform.

2] Get The File or Folder You Want To Share Ready

In essence, your torrent file will point to a folder or a file you’d like to share and make it available for anyone who has it. You can choose to make the torrent public (open for anyone) or private (available only to those you know), which is done when you’re setting up the torrent parameters.

For now, you will want that file or folder your torrent will be targeting to be safe and readily accessible. You can put it on its folder or separate from your personal documents.

3] Create the Torrent

Open the utorrent software and wait for the program to load. Look at the top left part of the window, and you’ll see the usual assortment of options for personalizing the app. Click on File, then Create Torrent.

A pop-up menu will come up. It will ask for the files, folder, or directories you will want to share on the internet. Search for the particular file or folder you’re looking to share, then go to the next part.

For torrent files, you will need trackers. It may sound complicated, but you can do away with that and choose from any available public trackers around. Here are just a few you can utilize:

  • udp://

Just copy and paste any of them in the box labelled ‘tracker’ so your torrent file will be visible to people and your network. Then, do a scan of the information to make sure everything is correct before saving it.

The torrent file should be in the directory and should only consist of a few kilobytes. Name the torrent file, so you won’t forget what it’s for later on.

4] How To Use Your Torrent File

Create Private Torrent File

A torrent file is pretty useful when it comes to sharing digital copies for friends, family, or your online community. You can share anything, from a photo to a magazine or video files and others.

Torrents are popular and thus are very accessible to everyone who uses the internet. You can be sure that there won’t be any problems when you’re going to be using torrents as your main file-sharing platform.

What’s more, anybody can download a file from a torrent on any compatible device. You can use a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop computer, download the appropriate torrent app or software, and it will do the rest.

Your torrent file can be uploaded on a blog or website or shared as a link to family or friends. You can put it on a popular torrent archive and have everyone who needs it gets it without having to send to all manually.

Torrent files are versatile pieces of code that allow the transfer of invaluable data and information on the internet. Downloading torrents is quick, easy, and requires little technical know-how.

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