Cydia for WP7 in Development for Custom Roms, Will Microsoft be Happy about it ?

Even though Microsoft did a smart work not letting anybody jailbreak windows phone unofficially by taking over the Chevron WP7 unlocker but it seems developers wont rest. First Came the DFT ROM and now a Cydia like Marketplace for Windows Phone which can be installed and used over these DFT Rom in parallel with the official Windows Phone Marketplace App.

The app is named Bazaar, which is an Indian Term for Market, very popularly used for shopping. The best part of this marketplace is installing apps can be done via the IE Browser instead of connecting via zune which makes it easy for users to install on the go.  Usually you cannot install XAP files directly using browser and this reminds me of the Blackberry where it was possible to download apps like this from third party servers.

What You should Know :

  • As of now it is  possible only in Windows Phone using DFT Rom and none of the other unlocked phones like Samsung Focus or Nokia Lumia 800. This restriction will be removed later.
  • For Other phones a Web Market Place or  Zune like Desktop Software will come up later.
  • If any other custom rom can support  installing XAP files via the device’s IE, it will work for them.
  • It will allow you to batch install apps which is very useful when you switch windows phone and the current backup restore process does not allow you to do that though you can download it using the Online Marketplace which is much easier.
  • This will not support pirated apps but apps which did not get approved in Market Place like SpyCam App for Windows Phone is a big example.
  • This will open for publishers soon so devs can roll in their apps.

Screenshots :

[minigallery id=”1737″ style=”box border box_white”]

How to install Bazaar :

  • First you need an unlocked phone or phone with DFT ROM.
  • Download the Bazaar XAP from here and sideload it.
  • Done that if you are connected to Internet you should be able to browse and see how it is.

Wondering How Microsoft will React to it ?

It is for sure that Microsoft will not be happy about it because they did allow people to use third-party apps but that was only for users who were casual devs for whom paying 99$ App Hub charges are costly or for just crazy about using apps which did not get approved but with this everybody will be able to use apps like they do usually.

The market place is exact replica of the Official WP7 Market, I am not sure if they are violating any copyright stuff here.

Also what makes me wonder  on the number of apps that can be installed because of this is very similar to sideloading, even chevron unlocked phones are restricted to 10 Apps.

Overall this is an extraordinary effort to bring all homebrew apps in one place but we will have to see if Microsoft intervenes here also.

Ashish Mohta
A die-hard fan of Windows, PC Gaming, and Xbox. He is a seasoned content writer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He is a specialist in writing about Windows, software reviews, troubleshooting Windows, and automation.


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