Daily Dashboard brings Calendar, Weather & Birthdays in One Place on your Windows Phone

The dashboard had been an important concept right from day one for many people. We would love to know how jam-packed is our day ahead.  Weather, Birthdays, Meetings and so on. I remember this from SharePoint Dashboards, where all important data was on your home screen as soon as you get into your account. This definitely helps you plan your day.

Now with everyone having a smartphone and connected to the internet all the time, we would like to have a similar dashboard on your phone too. Even though Windows Phone has all this information, but they are all scattered here and there.

Today, we are sharing an interesting app that combines a lot of such data and presents them in one place for your one glance planning — Daily Dashboard.

This app provides real-time data from your calendar (appointments), Birthdays, Weather, and other small details like Battery Life, Wi-Fi, free space remaining, and so on. All these data can be seen on your Live tile, especially if you keep a wide one.  The dashboard tile also shows time, date, and next appointment details.

When you tap on it, you get to see a detailed version of the same, which is nicely categorized into Weekly View, Weather Now, and Birthday. There is also a daily view where you can change the date and weekly view. In this view, when you have an appointment on the same day, you can see a list of today’s appointments and immediate appointments right there. Daily Dashboard Windows Phone App

Impressive Calendar Management: 

While everything else works as advertised, what is really interesting is calendar functions which let you do everything you could have done with your calendar appointment without getting away from the app.

The weekly view is exactly like the calendar weekly view. You can tap on individual appointments to get brief details like Time and Location. If you need more details, tap on it again, and it gives you an extremely detailed view of your appointment with actionable controls.

You get to see the Date, Time, Location, Status, Organizer, Account, and Phone number. Now you have action prompts to

  • View location of the meeting and direction in the map view.
  • Send an email to all of the attendees.
  • Send an email about it with CC to required attendees.
  • Send I am On the way email.
  • Send meeting details over text.

Then you have a list of attendees and notes also available.

When you choose to view daily view, there is an option to create a calendar appointment right from there. However, due to restrictions in the Windows Phone API, it will launch the create appointment view in the native calendar, and then you can get back here.

Download Daily Dashboard:

There are two versions of this app, free and paid. The paid version costs $1.49. You can always use the free version, but some of the features will be missing.  For example, when you use a medium-sized tile, it does not show drive space and last appointment of the day; next day appointments are not displayed, only one birthday is displayed.

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