Dailymotion is an Universal app with new Features

Dailymotion has updated their Windows 10 app to make it a universal one and also loaded it with new features. Dailymotion is one of the popular sites similar to YouTube for video streaming and also sharing your videos online.

Dailymotion for Windows 10 gets you personalized suggestions and curated content with an option to easy drag & drop to upload videos and a moveable in-app mini player. There is also support for 4K UHD videos in the app.

In case you are having your own channel, you can manage the channel using the app.


Here are the new features in the app:

  • Fresh new design
  • Drag & drop upload via the app
  • Account creation
  • Cortana voice search
  • Picture in picture, moveable in-app mini player
  • Cast videos to the big screen


You can download the new app from the store.

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