Dark Endless Runner “LampHead” is Free with MyAppFree Deal on Windows 10 Mobile

Endless Runner is one of the most popular category of games. Right from Temple Run to Jetpack JoyRide, the fun doesn’t end. Today we have another endless runner game to share with you which is free just for 24 hours. Labeled as “Lamphead”, its a dark endless runner where your character has a lamp on his head, and he needs help to cross the jungle filled with danger.

The character uses the lamp on his head to see through, and to keep this running you need to keep collecting batteries, because if its goes dim, it will be impossible to see what’s ahead of you. Yup, its pretty dark, and you will only get to see when you try!

The game usually runs $2.99, but thanks to MyAppsFree Deal, the game is completely free both for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile users. The game does have in-app purchases of coins which is needed to keep the character alive.

The game play is very simple, starts slow, but can get you on your toes. Apart from being an endless runner, its also flip based i.e. you need to flip down to skip the obstacles which come in form of falling rocks, saw, and thorns. So you can see that you actually run on a platform. Power-ups keep coming, and speed is one of them. Make sure to keep slowing down when you get a chance to, else be ready to race it through. If the character hits an obstacle, you need a coin to continue or restart.

Price: Free+


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