Defense Grid: The Awakening, Free for Xbox Gold Members — Grab it Now

Microsoft Promised on Xbox One announcement that Xbox 360 members will get 2 games free every month, on 1st and 16th. Keeping up to their promise, 1st July special is Defense Grid: The Awakening. This will be free till July 15th. Last month Fable 3 was give out for free but it should be gone by now unless you are on a time zone where July 1st is yet to hit.

About Defense Grid: The Awakening

Priced at 800 MS points, it’s a tower defence strategy game. If you ever played in on your PC, its time to get it on big screen. In this map you need to place your towers such that you keep the enemy from stealing your cores. Every tower can be upgraded from the points and coins you collect by killing the enemies.

Defense Grid

Make sure to choose a right strategy and combination of towers and upgrades. If you have too many weak towers it wont work and very few with all upgrades will fail too. Like you have multiple types of tower, you would have multiple types of enemies. Make sure to have towers for air & land both so enemies can be marked from distance.

There is no DLC for this game but there are multiple maps for you to enjoy.!!

Do I get to keep this game forever?

One of you asked if you get to keep the game even if the Gold membership expires — answer to that question is YES. Many of you been have buying the one month gold package just to grab the game which is totally worth it even though the games are bit old. In case you haven’t I will suggest you guys to pickup a 6 month pack which is really worth keeping in mind you would get at least 6 games during that period.


You can download the game by following this link. It’s possible that the game is not yet free, so check back in a while.

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