A Detailed Guide to use the Paint 3D App in Windows 10

When it comes to 3D painting, the Paint 3D app in Windows 10 has opened up a whole new world to the users. With the extensive collection of painting and inking tool, the app provides users with a new host of opportunities to create various images and 3D stuff. If you have been an avid user of the old MS Paint app, then the app interface will be something entirely new for you. That’s is the reason we thought to come up with a detailed guide on how to use the Paint 3D App.

Guide to use the Paint 3D App in Windows 10

  • Know Paint 3D App
    • Create a project
    • Toolbar
    • Timeline
  • Paint 3D App Tools and Features
    • The Tools Menu
    • Use 3D Objects
    • Use 2D Objects
    • How to use Stickers
    • Canvas
    • Text and Effects
  • Create the First 3D Project
  • How to View your Project in 3d on Paint 3D App
  • How to Publish your Work on Remix 3D

Know Paint 3D App

Type Paint 3D in Start Menu search, and you will find your app. Click on it to open it.

Create New project in Paint 3D

Once you have launched the app, you will have three options.

  • You can either start with a whole new project of your own
  • Restart the works on an already existing project that you have left behind
  • You can also paste stuff from the clipboard to the app.

As we are starting off to know how to work on the Paint 3D App, we will start a new project altogether.

Create a new Project

Click on New to start a new project. The screen appears if you chose to show the welcome screen every time the app launches.

Once you have launched the app, you will find a hamburger menu on the top left corner, which on clicking will provide you with several options.

Menu bar options

It allows you to start with a new Paint 3D project, work on an existing one, save your project, print the same or share it on the social media platform or even paste something from the clipboard that is present.

Save Project

Formatting Toolbar

At the center top, you will find the formatting tab which provides you with tools that will help you to format various projects on which you have been working. It can be done by inserting multiple objects into the project along with texts and clipart if needed, resizing the project or even modifying the color as and when required by the user of the Paint 3D App.

Formatting Toolbar

It not only allows you to create great projects on it but also keeps track of all the changes that you have made on the project in a timely fashion. On the extreme right of the app, you will find a tab which consists of the undo/ redo buttons along with the timeline.

Paint 3D Timeline

The timeline on right-hand top corner keeps a track record of all the changes that have been made in the project throughout its lifeline in a time sequenced manner so that you can trace your way back as and when required.

Timeline to undo changes

A task pane will appear on the right-hand side of the app, which will provide users with the tools to work within your project.

Use the Paint 3D App

The Paint 3D App also has a floating menu in the bottom, which allows the users to zoom in and out of the canvas as and when it is required. As a rule, the canvas is usually available to the user in the edit mode for the ease of work, but you can convert it into a 3D project by clicking on the eye icon present on the floating bar of the app.

Zoom and preview

Now that we are aware of what is present where let’s see which icon does what on the Paint 3D App.

Paint 3D App Tools and Features

  • The Tools Menu
  • Use 3D Objects
  • Use 2D Objects
  • How to use Stickers
  • Canvas
  • Text and Effects

1] The Tools Menu

The paintbrush icon represents the Tools menu. This icon represents a host of tools which you can use on your canvas for creating your project. You can crop your canvas or select likes of pencil, eraser, pen, pixel pen, calligraphy pen, brushes, oil brushes, spray cans, and much more. It helps you to provide your canvas with the right kind of effect and texture as needed by the project on which you are working. There are also several colors that are available at your disposal like dull, matte, metal and polished metal tones.

Paint 3D tools

2] Use 3D Objects

The app provides users with many pre-formed 3D shapes which can be readily inserted into the project that you have on hand. In case you are in favor of creating your personal 3D shapes, you can also use the 3D doodle tool, which will help you create 3D shapes.

3D models

3] Use 2D Objects

In case you need using 2D substances, Paint 3D App supports that too. You get a host of stickers to choose from that are readily available and add into the canvas. You also get a host of 2D shapes that are available on the bar for you to select and insert into your project.

Use the Paint 3D App

4] How to use Stickers

It support stickers too. They are many pre-made stickers that are available, and you can use them in your projects.

Stickers in 3D

5] Canvas

It comes with a white canvas on which you showcase your work just like the old paint app. You can resize the canvas as per your liking and also fill it up with the color of your choice. The canvas is available for you to show your artwork on by inserting various images and figures. You can also doodle to your heart’s content on it with the help of the multiple choice of brushes that are available on Paint 3D App.

6] Text & Effects

Two more tabs are in the app. One is Text. It will help you to insert 2D or 3D text and comes with various formatting options. The second tab is Effects. There are pre-made textures available that you can apply to various scenes in your project.

How to Create the First 3D Project on Paint 3D App

If you are a novice and will be using Paint 3D App for the first time, it is better to use an image to start rather than starting from scratch.

  • With the help of the hamburger menu that is available on the top left-hand corner, you can insert the image of your choice onto the canvas to begin your work. Choose Insert from the hamburger Menu on the left-hand corner of the screen.

Create 3d projects in paint 3d App

  • Suppose you are working with the image of a mountain village on your canvas. You can play around with various stickers and 3D objects like sun and clouds which fit into the mountain mode of the image.

Paint 3D tools

  • Choose to doodle your required images onto the image. If you wish to view it in 3D, all you need to do is click the eye button on the floating bar.

Use toolbars in Paint 3D App

  • Make use of the Perspective Anchor menu to do the same or watch 3D on the fly. Here is a significant advantage of using the Paint 3D App. You can use any space on the canvas to make your doodle. Later shift or reposition your drawing to a place of your choice.
  • Make 3D option allow you to put a 3D layer on any object, image, stickers, etc. For example, I’ve inserted a sticker and to make it 3D, I’ll click on it, and voila, your sticker will be 3D in a fraction of a second.

Convert 2D paint into 3D paint

  • Resize the images as you like it so that it can be relatable to the existing image.
  • Paint 3D App gives you complete hold on the project. In case you don’t like a particular change, use the undo button present on the app. You can redo a change done mistakenly too.
  • Timeline helps easy way to trrackback changes. It is helpful when unsure of how many undo or redo, you need to get back to the old form of your project. All these options are available on the timeline in the right-hand corner.

Export as Video in Paint 3D

  • The Tools panel provides you with a host of objects. You use them on your canvas for making your project a more vibrant one. Scroll through the host of 3D objects present on the list. Once you have found the purpose of your choice, insert the same into your project. Later you can resize or reposition it on your canvas or even delete it if the need be.
  • The Paint 3D App also allows you to restart the project all over again. Simpley press the ESC button present on your keyboard. It brings forth a new canvas for you to work.

Projects aren’t just based on various images. They often requires the insertion of different text titles to them for better representation of your work. Paint 3D App helps you with that too. It allows you to insert text in various styles onto your canvas.

You can make use of the different text styles that are present already on the toolbar. Or you can also make use of the calligraphic brush that is available to write down beautiful text message. The texts can be written in various colors, decorated with multiple textures and can be customized. It makes it possible to orient the image that has been made to use in the project.

Use the Paint 3D App

So, this is how you can create your first project in Paint 3D app. You know every creative work requires passion and practice, and it applies to it. Use it, learn it!

How to View your Project in 3d on Paint 3D App

Now that you are done drawing on the canvas, its time to preview everything in 3D. While editing, you get to see is the project in the edit mode. Paint 3D app offers preview mode which lets you see the final output based on current edits.

View Project in 3D app

  • Click on to the 3D icon or the eye icon present on the floating bar.
  • Left click on the icon, and it will take you to the viewing option.
  • Move the image to check it out in various angles. It will make sure that the project is perfect from all possible viewpoints.

Ad effects in 3d App

  • Save the project when you are delighted with the same. Or you can edit parts of the project, which doesn’t look right on the view mode.

How to Publish your Work on Remix 3D

Satisfied with the project that you have created on the Paint 3D App? Does brilliant artwork need to be shared with other people? It allows you to do precisely the same as it couples as a social media platform. You can share the project you have created with fellow users of Paint 3D App. They can view it and get inspired by the same.

How will you go about sharing your creation on the Remix 3D platform through your app? It doesn’t get simpler than this.

  • All you need to do is save your project by click Save As option. It is present in the hamburger menu present on the top left corner of the Paint 3D App window. You can keep in Paint 3D so you can view or edit it later or you can export it to.PNG, JPEG, FBX, etc.

Upload to Remix 3D from paint 3d

  • Once you are done saving your work go to the hamburger menu again. Press on the Share option. It will open a screen which will Upload to Remix 3D. Click on to it, and follow the wizard. Your project will be uploaded to Remix 3D.

Upload to Remix 3D

At the first look, Paint 3D App might appear a bit complicated for the people using it. You might even be scared to try out the massive number of tools and effects that are present on it. However, the best way to combat this fear is to keep using it. The more you play around, the better you will get the hang of the various tools and their clever use. Soon enough you will become a pro at the app.

So this here is an original look at how to use Paint 3D App. Let us know if you find any difficulty in using this tool.

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  1. Hi Yogesh, I just opened 3D paint and I’m a novice. I’m trying to take 2 little children from one photo and drop them into another photo of my daughter and her family and fade their images. They are to represent my two grandchildren that died at birth, but I wanted to honor them. Can you help me get started?


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