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Back View Lumia 920 Amzer TPU Hybrid Case

Review : Lumia 920 Amzer TPU Hybrid Case

The first thing we all should do after getting a phone (be it cheap or pricy) is get a nice case for it. I realized this only after I used my Lumia 920 over a...
Lumia 920 vs HTC8X

Nokia Lumia 920 vs HTC 8X Comparison

When you plan to shell out lot of money after a smart phone, its obvious that you would like to get a lot of stuff in return. So today we are...
Low Light Test With Flash (Left one is from HTC 8x and the Right one from Lumia 920)

Camera (Image) Quality Test : Lumia 920 vs HTC 8X

Two great specked Phones but what about Image / Camera Quality ? How do they compare and Differ in what way ? We are going to find out in this post. Nokia...

Nokia Lumia 620 Hands on Video

Nokia has announced their latest smartphones in the Lumia range, the Lumia 920, 820 and 620 in India. While Lumia 920 is a high end flaghsip phone, the Lumia 820 is...
Nokia Lumia 510 vs Lumia 610

Lumia 510 vs Lumia 610 – Review & Comparison

Nokia recently releases Lumia 510 and took everyone with surprise as nobody was expecting another low end phone after 610. So we got our hands on it and after testing it for 2...

Lumia 510 Unboxing and Size comparison with 610 and Samsung Focus

I received the Lumia 510 yesterday and am pretty excited to use it now to find out how it competes with Lumia 610 as Lumia 510 is bit stripped down version when it comes...

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