What are the differences between Windows 10 S and Windows 10?

Since the education industry is an important component for Microsoft and it has made a point to take this industry by storm giving tough competition to Chromebook. With this objective in mind, Microsoft has introduced Windows 10 S where S is supposedly for School.

But Microsoft won’t just introduce a device, keeping a particular industry in mind. Windows 10 S has been built keeping a more consumer-oriented picture in mind, else it won’t be able to compete with Chromebook. Same as with Chromebook, you will be able to buy both cheap and expensive devices which have Windows 10 S as their OS.

However, many people out there are confused and still thinking what is the major difference between Windows 10 S and their normal OS called Windows 10. If you are the one who is not able to make up the mind on which OS you should go for, read the whole article and you will thank us in the comments section.

  • Microsoft has introduced Windows 10 S to combat Chromebook but it does not force the product on you in case you are an ardent fan of the later. But if you think that Windows 10 S is a lite version of Windows 10 then you are in for a toss. The major difference between Windows 10 S and Windows 10 is the fact that Windows 10 S is hugely dependent on Windows Store as you won’t be able to install apps downloaded from 3rd parties on this OS.

Although you can do everything on Windows 10 S just like you did on Windows 10, you will not be able to install any kind of apps which are downloaded from Google Chrome or any other place which isn’t in the Microsoft Store.

  • If you try to install a third-party app, you will get a message reminding you that Windows 10 S is specifically made to keep your PC safe and hence only Microsoft Store apps are viable for installation which is not in the case of Windows 10 OS. This is done by screening all the apps that are submitted to Microsoft Store. If you are installing some app which is already available in Microsoft Store from a 3rd party, you will be redirected to the Microsoft Store immediately.

  • The only problem with Windows 10 S is that you won’t be able to install a host of programs that are missing from Microsoft Store like Adobe Creative Suite, but then again, Windows 10 S is made for devices like that of Chromebook and if you are looking out to use such programs, you will not likely buy such a device and go for the normal Windows 10.
  • The best part about devices containing Windows 10 S is that you aren’t bound to use it for a lifetime. You can easily upgrade your device to Windows 10 Pro which will remove the limitations of Windows 10 S regarding the installation of the apps and you can go about using any app or download sites you wish to. This upgrade is available for free to all students until December 2017 and costs only $49.99 for normal consumers.

  • Windows 10 S is a very lightweight OS in comparison to Windows 10 and it will boot in less than 15 seconds. Pretty impressive, right?

  • As Windows 10 S is more lightweight and could easily run on low hardware configurations, it can be installed via USB on multiple PCs which is not in the case of Windows 10.
  • As far as battery life is concerned, Microsoft claims that laptop with Windows 10 S has improved battery life than any of the Windows 10 laptops. With a single charge, you can play around 14.5 hours with your Windows 10 S laptops which are significantly better than Windows 10 devices.
  • The major drawback of Windows 10 S which we particularly don’t like is Microsoft didn’t allow to choose default search engine. You have to stick to Bing search engine for all your searching needs. Lame!

If you are in favor of using a safer product when it comes to your device OS than Windows 10 S is definitely for you. As it is made for the student demography, Windows 10 S is developed making sure this class of customers gains from it completely. However, if you are looking to do some heavy professional work such as designing, accounting, etc., we will suggest you go with Windows 10 devices as lack of the software wouldn’t help you to do so. 

Yogesh Mankani
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