How to Disable Ads in Windows 10 Lock Screen

With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new feature called Windows Spotlight to personalize your Windows 10 Lock Screen. It will not only show you beautiful images from Bing but also images of apps in the Windows Store. It sort of offers suggestions on the lock screen. E.g., When Tomb Raider was launched was Windows 10, I immediately got it on my lock screen, asking me to buy the game from the Store. In this post, we will share how to disable Ads from your Windows 10 Lock Screen.

Disable Windows Spotlight

How to Disable Ads in Windows 10 Lock Screen

Some people might like the feature, but some might find it annoying. So, people belonging to the first group may enjoy new personalized images on their lock screen, daily, and people belonging to the second group may follow this small tutorial to turn the feature off. But before going off to the tutorial, let’s see what exactly Windows Spotlight is.

What is Windows Spotlight?

Windows spotlight is an option for the lock screen background that displays different background images and occasionally offers suggestions on the lock screen. Windows spotlight is available for Windows 10 PC and not Mobiles.

Background image

The Windows spotlight displays a new image on the lock screen each day. The initial background image is included during installation. Additional images are downloaded on an ongoing basis. You have an option to say Yay or Nay to an image, and Microsoft will show you images based on your preference.

If Spotlight is enabled, then in the top right corner of your lock screen, you will find a box where you can choose I Want More- if you want to see related content on your lock screen or click on Not A Fan- if you want something different.

Feature suggestions, fun facts, tips

The lock screen background will occasionally suggest Windows 10 features that the user hasn’t tried yet, such as Snap assist, etc.

  • Click on Start Menu and open up Settings.
  • Click on Personalization and then Lock Screen.
  • Under Background select Picture or Slideshow, instead of Windows Spotlight
  • Lastly, make sure to un-check the option for “Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen.”
  • Toggle off the option that shows a lock screen background picture.

That’s it. Now you will not see any ads, suggestions, and also cool new images on your Lock Screen. However, if you are a fan of Windows Spotlight images and want it on your Windows 10 Mobile, then download this app called Dynamic Theme.

Download Dynamic Theme



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