How to Disable Apps from Running in the Background in Windows 10 Mobile

Apps are one of the biggest reasons for using our smartphones and they provide additional options, features and also utilities which are not found in the OS. While apps provides added features, lot of apps running in the background could also be an issue as it might take up a lot of battery. Some of these apps are automatically added to the background even though they might not be required to run.

Windows 10 Mobile offers option to check the background running apps and also disable them if you are looking to save battery life. So here is how to manage background apps.

Open Windows 10 Settings and navigate to Privacy.


Under privacy you will  see the background apps option. Select this and you will be listed with all the apps which can run in the background. These background apps update in the background and also sent notifications and this in turn will take up additional battery. If you do not want an app to run in the background, just slide the app to off position.

This feature enables selective apps to run in the background and in turn will conserve some battery on your device. Background app management is an useful feature in Windows 10 Mobile.

Some apps are very important, and you may want to run it in the background even with battery saver on. I would recommend adding them as exception when configuring battery saver. Read more about it here.

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