Disqus Rolls out UWP App for Windows 10 Devices (Beta)

Disqus, one of the most popular company, which brings in better commenting system for blogs around the world, is rollout out a “Written from Scratch” App for Windows 10. Its a universal app, and will work on both PC and Mobile.

Here is the list of features of Windows 10

  • Now written completely for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile
  • New renovated settings section
  • App notifications section rewritten (not yet working)
  • Ability to change the theme (light, dark and automatic)
  • New entry for blocked users
  • Replying to comments is now much more fluid and quick

The app is in Public Beta, and if you are big time user of the Disqus, recommend you to give it a try and send out your feedback to make it even better.

Disqus Beta
Price: unknown

In case you still see the app is not available for download, give it sometime. It is usually slow Windows Store Rollout to blame upon.

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  1. This comment is from my windows phone with the universal app. Very cool.

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