How to Download High Resolution Images of Your Xbox One Achievements

Xbox One Game Achievement images are pretty awesome. You get a a contextual wallpaper kind of thing after every achievement you complete.  I use it all the time with my Xbox One, and I really wished there was a way to cycle them. While consoles are more of personal thing. desktop wallpapers are one those get eyeballs most of the time. So what if you could use these images on your Windows 10 Desktop or even Macbook.

How to Download HD Xbox One Achievement Images

  • Go to from any web browser and sign-in with your Xbox Live account.
  • Once signed-in, look for Achievements men. Click on that.
  • This section display all your achievements, and is sorted based on the game.
  • Click on any of the game you want.
  • Next screen will all your achievement stats for that game, followed by list of individual achievement with thumbnail.
  • Click on any of them and it will display achievement wallpaper. This will be sized version mostly 640.

Copy Image Address from Xbox One Achievemtns

  • Next right click on the image, and look for an option which says “Image URL” . You might have the option like Open Image in New Tab.
  • Next open that URL in a new  tab. At the end of that URL there will be something like &h=640&w=1138. Delete it, and hit enter again.

Copy Image URL Xbox One Achivement

  • Now the image which opens up, is the high-resolution or HD image of your achievement.
  • Right Click and save it.

You will have to manually download each of them. Once downloaded, you can rotate them one by one.

On Windows

  • Settings > Personalisation > Background > Select Slideshow
  • Select Folder and exit.

On Macbook :

  1. Press Command + Spacebar to bring up spotlight.
  2. Now Type Desktop & Screensaver. You will have the option right away.
  3. Next add the folder containing your images.

I wish Xbox App on Windows 10, and Xbox One had a direct option to manually do this, and it would have been just awesome. Right now there is too many step to get this done.

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