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How to Download and Manage Offline Maps on Windows 10 PC

Maps on Windows 10 comes with a handful of features like you can Pin your home, work, or other favorite places to Start for one-tap guided directions from anywhere, turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation, helps you remember where you parked your car, and so much more. However, one of the essential features is Offline Maps. You can download a map of a particular region on your PC, and get turn by turn navigation for that very region, even when you’re not connected to the internet.

How to Download and Manage Offline Maps on Windows 10 PC

We will learn how to download maps, manage them, change storage location, update them automatically, and so on.

How to Download Offline Maps

  • Click on Start> Click on All Apps> Scroll down and Select Maps. You can also start typing Maps after you’re in the Start Menu.
  • After you have opened the Maps app, click on the three dots on the extreme right, and then click on Settings.
  • Under Offline Maps, click on Choose Maps
  • It will take you to System Settings. Click on Download Maps> Select your Continent> Country> Region.

  • The downloading process will start once you close the app.
  • After the map has been successfully downloaded, you will find a screen similar to the one below.

How to Manage Offline Maps

You will have to follow the same steps until you reach System Settings, where you can see your already downloaded maps. You can also do it by going to Start> Settings> System> Offline Maps. To delete your Offline Map, Click on the map you have downloaded, and select Delete.

  • You can stop downloading of a map, if you’re not connected to WiFi, or if you have limited internet connection by turning on Metered Connections.
  • You can also have Automatic Maps Update, which can be turned On from the same menu. However, if you have automatic updates turned on, your maps will be downloaded even when you’re on a Metered Connection.
  • The location of the offline maps can be changed from the primary storage to any other storage.

While Windows Maps are not popular at all, I would suggest downloading an offline map of your area. You never know when you need it. I hope it was easy to understand, and you were able to download offline maps on Windows 10.



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