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Download Page Analyzer Edge Extension on Windows 10

Microsoft allows using extensions and is distributed through the Edge Store or can be installed from Chrome Web Store. Today, Microsoft has released Page Analyser for Edge through this tore. This extension helps you improving website by analyzing some well-known best practices, including accessibility using the famous aXe library. It is powered by Vorlon.js. It includes Web standards report, Accessibility report based on aXe, Performances report, and Mobile web report.

Page Analyzer for Edge on Windows 10

Installing from the store is straight forward though. Click Install, and the extension gets loaded into the Edge browser which then can be used there.

Once loaded, tap on the menu bar, and select extension to start using it. There is an option to load extension as well which is used for side loading any third-party extension which comes out of the store.

As a webmaster, your site is one of the most crucial assets. If it is not performing well, you may get fewer visitors.  And when you do have a site that is getting traffic, you want to ensure that the user experience of your site is as good as can be.  That way, you will not only keep your current visitors and get more, but you will also have more opportunities to get your site shared and promoted. The Page Analyzer for Edge Browser, which is a free plugin for the Edge browser from Microsoft Windows, is a great tool for webmasters to use to get a deeper look into their sites.

It is powered by Vorlon.js. Page Analyzer helps developers improve their website’s compatibility, performance, and accessibility by scanning for common errors, optimizations, and opportunities to apply best coding practices.

Download from Microsoft Store

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