Download Windows 10 Official Hero Wallpaper and Login Screen Background

Windows 10 Creators Update, which was one of the first major updates for Windows 10, came with Official Hero Wallpaper, which was used as the background and Login Screen background as well. Michael Gillett, a Microsoft MVP that Microsoft has updated the Hero Wallpaper in Windows 10 Creators Update. He has also shared the same wallpaper with minimal changes. The wallpaper has been made simpler and flatter compared to the old one. However, these are very minimal changes but welcomed as long as it’s okay.

Download Windows 10 Official Hero Wallpaper and Login Screen Background

He has uploaded his version of Hero Wallpapers, which can be found on his OneDrive here. Go check out the wallpapers there, some of them are nice. Michael Gillett likes playing with Microsoft wallpapers, and it’s his love for Microsoft, which inspired him to make awesome Windows 10 Hero wallpapers.

One of the best things about Windows 10 Hero Wallpaper is that it was not created using software with animation. It was generated using the default Windows 10 Logo, LEDs, Lasers, Smoke machines, filters, crystal dust, and other things. Below is a video which shows how it was all shot

Once you download the wallpaper from OneDrive, you can choose to create a theme, or use it as a slideshow for the best experience.

Creators Update will roll out Windows Update Control

Talking about the Creators Update, two days ago, we reported to you about the new features coming to Creators Update- Application installation control, Color of Cortana on the taskbar, blocking Win32 apps, and so on. Microsoft has been working hard on the Creators Update, and we can already see the results. For example, we all hate how Windows 10 automatically decides the update timings and chooses to install them. This feature of Windows 10 must-have irritated all of us, at least once.

Well, thanks to Microsoft, with the Creators Update, Microsoft has solved this annoying bug. Now, Windows will give you a pop-up notification when updates are available, and if you choose the new pick a time option, you will be able to select the date and time of the installation of the update.

Pause Delay Updates Windows 10

Fast forward today, all the features around Windows Update have been made available to all the consumers with Windows 10 November update. You will be prompted every time a Windows update is possible, and then you can choose to download it manually.



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