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Extend Windows 10 Desktop to iPad with Duet Display

If you always wanted to use the spare iPad at your home as a second screen with your Windows PC, the developers behind the Duet Display have released a Windows Client that allows you to extend your desktop to any iOS device. Extending your device is not a big deal; what is different is when it works over cross-platform.

Extend Windows 10 Desktop to iPad with Duet Display

When it comes to the setup, the experience is a plug and play type. You will need to install the Windows client, the app on iPad, and when you connect it over the lightning cable, the PC will treat it as an extended display. Then you can use it just like any second monitor. Only if the iPad would have been bigger, you could have to turn it entirely into a touch-based monitor.

Extend Windows 10 Desktop to iPad with Duet Display

The app costs $9.99, today, in the App store while the client is available for free, and can be downloaded from the website here.  You can also use this app to extend the display of your macOS to iPad.

Features of Duet Display

  • Completely Software: Unlike other solutions, Duet works entirely in software, not requiring dongles and converters.
  • Efficient: Duet uses the least CPU and the least battery, meaning you can work without being glued to an outlet.
  • Cross-Platform: Duet works on every major platform, making you productive no matter which platform you prefer.
  • Continually Improving: Duet releases updates every month, improving performance and adding features for all users.
  • Secure: Duet uses 256-bit encryption and works entirely locally, keeping your display data safe.
  • Great Support: If you have any question, the Duet support team works around the clock to respond (on average within two hours).

We hope you found this software useful, and with an iPad, you can make your daily work even more productive.

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