Duke Controller from Original Xbox Era is Coming Back for Xbox One

If you are one of those few Original Xbox Players which started with Original Big Size Xbox Console, you should know what “Duke” Controller is. The news is that it is coming back for Xbox One, and it’s going to fun playing those Backward compatible games using this prime controller to take you down to those old memory lanes.

Seamus Blackley also called  “the Father of the Xbox” (He headed original Xbox in 2001),  have been working with Microsoft to get this controller back to the gamers, and he achieved success. The controllers have been approved by Microsoft.  The first report of this controller making its way back came in June this year and is built in partnership with Hyperkin. Check out the video below:

You should know that the Original Duke Controller actually received a lot of negative feedback. It was unusually huge, there were no bumpers, the joysticks were not symmetrical.

The Duke controller that is going to be released won’t be an exact clone. Looking at the size, it’s going to take a HULK to actually hold it together, and also pull those triggers. However, it will have those black, and white button along with YXBA buttons along with the 9 ft wire that can be detached.  This is how it looks like now:

Source: Twitter


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