Edit Your Xbox Avatar with this App on Windows 10 PC

Xbox Avatar Editor lets you Create or Customize your Xbox Avatars on Windows 10 PC. The app was first launched for Windows Phone 7, and then become available on Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10. Xbox Avatar is a very personal feature fro Gamers using Xbox or Windows 10 Xbox App. Since it allows you to personalize and get it close to what you look like or want to be seen, you may want to edit it from time to time. In this post, we will show how you can use the Xbox Avatar Editor to edit Your Xbox Avatar on Windows 10 PC.

Xbox Avatar Editor Tops

Note: The app also works on Xbox.

Edit Your Xbox Avatar with this App on Windows 10 PC

The first thing I was glad about is that I do not need to depend on Xbox to edit my avatar. It is rather slow because of limited input controls. Now that the app is on the PC, it gives you enough freedom to customize the way you always wanted. The Universal app is undoubtedly better than the previous versions of the app. It follows the Windows 10 design language. The app looks very neat on the PC. It is swift and performs well on PCs. The app features a Hamburger Menu, and under that, there are few options like Take a photo, Style, Customize, Avatar Store, Settings, and Feedback.

Xbox Avatars

Features of Xbox Avatar Editor

  • Edit your avatar’s look by picking new features, clothes, and accessories
  • Create a new avatar for your Xbox account
  • Get all the features, clothes, and accessories from Xbox One on your PC
  • Interact with your avatar with keyboard, mouse or touch
  • Take a picture with your avatar and save it to your device
  • Create a custom Gamerpic with your avatar and see it online


Xbox Avatars Style

Style is all about customizing your avatar. It offers excellent, from Tops to Bottoms to Props! Click on Dress up, and choose your favorite Suit to give your avatar a new Formal look. Tops feature hundreds of t-shirts to choose from. The variety of tops includes Track jackets, Football tee, Snowboarding tees, and many more. Just like Tops, you have Bottoms, Hats, Rings, and so on.

Glasses features some lovely shades/sunglasses for turning your avatar’s Swag On! If you’re a girl or a guy who loves playing having a girl avatar, then Earrings is the category you are going to love the most. Select your favorite Earring and gift it to your avatar.


Xbox Avatars Customize

The customize section lets you customize your avatar’s body, hair, eyes, etc. You can personalize your avatar to a great extent. Under Body, you can change the height, weight, and skin color of your avatar. Under Facial Hair, you can select the type of facial hair you would like your avatar to have; you can give him a Moustache, a French Beard, and so on. Hair lets you choose hairstyle and hair color for your avatar. There are lots and lots of styles to choose from. Other things like Chin, Eyes, Nose, etc.

Avatar Store:

Xbox Avatars Store

As the name suggests, it takes you to the Xbox Avatar Store, where you can buy stuff for your avatar.


Xbox Avatars Settings

It doesn’t let you do much apart from Creating a new account or using a different account to sign in to Xbox.

Take a Photo:

Xbox Avatars Take a Photo

It is the first sub-menu under the Hamburger, but I thought of talking about it at last because you always take a photo after you have dressed up, and not before that. It is like a photo studio for your avatar, where you select what position your avatar should be in, choose a background (It features Minecraft background too), and the size of the picture. You can zoom in, zoom out, rotate left or right, and when you have a perfect position, click on the Camera icon to capture a photo. After taking a picture, you can share it via Mail or OneNote, have a Full-Screen view of it, Save picture to your Computer/Phone, or Save it as your gamerpic.

Download the app from the Windows 10 Store


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