How to Enable Cortana on Windows 10

Cortana, the digital assistant in Windows 10, has now been decoupled from native integration in Windows. However, it is still restricted to only limited countries and language. So if you want to use Cortana, you will have to change the language. In this post, we will share how to enable Cortana in Windows 10 if it is not supported in your language and country.

Enable Cortana Windows 10

How to Enable Cortana on Windows 10

As of now, Cortana is supported in limited countries and languages. It includes Australia: English, Brazil: Portuguese, Canada: English/French, China: Chinese (Simplified), France: French, Germany: German, India: English. Italy: Italian. Japan: Japanese, Mexico: Spanish, Spain: Spanish, United Kingdom: English and United States: English.

Below are the steps to change the region setting and language:

  • Use WIn + I to open Settings.
  • Navigate to Time and Language and install one of the languages mentioned above.
  • Next, go to Region, and change Country or Region, change it to the ones that are supported.
  • Once you select the right combination, exit the Settings.

Change Region Windows 10

However be warned that If you change your region, you might not be able to shop at Microsoft Store. It will also restrict you to use things you’ve purchased, like memberships and subscriptions, games, movies, and TV.

You should notice a Cortana icon on the Taskbar. If not, right-click on the Taskbar and select Show Cortana button. Next, click on the Cortana icon to go through the initial setup.

Cortana Settings

Post this; Windows 10 should reveal the Cortana Settings. Now go to Settings > Cortana. Here you can configure to respond for the wake word, show Cortana on the lock screen, let Cortana access email messages, etc.

You also have a dedicated language settings for Cortana. You can choose to change the language from the dropdown if the default is not working. If you want to switch to default language, use the button to reset it.

Lastly, we highly recommend you to check on the Permissions section. It is tied with the Microsoft account on the computer. The permission place you can review all the activities, Change what Cortana knows about you, manage permission on this device, and access from other services.

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