How to Enable, Disable and Setup Night Light Mode in Windows 10

Spending a lot of time before a bright screen makes sure your eyes get stressed out. Most of us who work through our PCs day and night don’t have many options except for putting up shades or actually use a screen guard. Windows 10 has an inbuilt feature—Night Light—that will help you to reduce this strain. In this post, I will share how you can enable, disable night light mode in Windows 10.

What is Night Light?

Night Light Mode allows you to lower down the temperature or color of the display such that it feels better when working long. But before diving into the settings, let’s learn a little bit of physics behind the Blue light. We all know that the light we see is a combination of different colors of light. Of all these lights available, blue light has maximum energy and hence can add a lot of strain to your eyes.

Option to adjust “Blue Light” is a feature (via Night Light) in Windows 10 which can reduce the amount of this light. It adjusts the brightness depending on ambient light. However, instead of actually figuring out the ambient light, it uses Sunset & Sunrise timing, according to your timezone.

Screens emit blue light, which can keep you up at night. Niight Light displays warmer colours to help you sleep.

When you turn this feature on, the color would little yellowish, hence warmer, but reduces the strain by a large margin. Useful for those who work late at night.

How to Enable, Disable and Setup Night Light Mode in Windows 10

Go to Settings > System > Display, and toggle on the option which says “Night Light”.

How to  Enable, Disable and Setup Night Light Mode in Windows 10

The default settings are expected to work for most of the Windows 10 users, but if you want to further change it, click on Blue light settings. Here is what you will get:

  • Option to turn it on. It will be usually off until sunset.
  • You can choose color temperature using the slider.
  • It is possible to schedule it to
    • Lower night light automatically.
    • Lower nightly at sunset.
    • or you can choose your own hours.

Setup Nigh Light in Windows 10

The last option is extremely useful if you are working indoors where the amount of external light is less. You can adjust according to the light you have inside, and make sure the strain on your eyes is less.

This feature is not unique, nor it’s new. If you are a veteran Windows users, there is a software called F.LUX which used to do the same.

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