Enable ICS / Internet Sharing on Samsung Windows Phones ( Homebrew )

Wifi Tethering or Internet Connection Sharing unlike Android Phones needs to be enabled by the operator in Windows Phone which means you might have to pay some extra charges but if  your phone is unlocked, you can get it done in just 6 steps as posted in the XDA Forum and I can confirm it is working and can be used as a Wifi Hotspot

ICS in Samsung Focus

Follow these steps :

  • Unlock your Windows Phone using Chevronwp7 Tool.
  • Download the FIle Deployer XAP file from Second Step of this forum thread at XDA and Deploy it to your phone.
  • Enable the Diagnostic App by typing ##634#. We used this option to enable USB Tethering Mode.
  • Then in the Diagnostic App type in *#9908# , Select System Tweak and Save.
  • Restart you phone.
  • One the phone turns on, Go to Settings and You should see new menu called as internet sharing or as WiFi Hotspot
  • You can delete the File Deploy App from your phone.\

Apart from this, the developer also claims that the phone becomes Interop Unlock as the file deployer he made is using the Heathcliff74 Tool and also has ADC Inbuilt.

Note : A word of caution, If after doing this none of the XAP files are getting deployed,  turn of your Internet Sharing and then try again. One of the XDA Member had this issue and it was resolved as soon as he turned it off.

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Using the  Internet Connection Sharing :

  • You can connect upto 5 Guests.
  • It turns of automatically when not in use.
  • Configure Broadcast Name and Password.
  • See how many guests are connected.
  • You have two security type mode here, WPA2 or Open.
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