How to Enable Native Call Recording on Windows 10 Mobile ( Lumia 550 / 950 XL / 950)

When I first got to know about call recording feature on Lumia 950 XL and 950, I thought it was hardware specific, until today. You will be glad to know that the recently announced, low-end Windows 10 Mobile, Lumia 550 can also record voice calls using the inbuilt voice recorder app.  This points to just one thing, that there is a bright chance that all the low end devices will get this feature, including the one that get upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile.  Here is a quick demo:

How to Enable it on your Windows 10 Mobile:

  • Go to Settings > System > Phone
  • Scroll to the end, and look for option which says “Choose the app you want to use to manage recorded phone calls.”
  • The default is set to none. Tap to select Voice Recorder.

Enable Native Call Recording Windows 10 Mobile 1

How to use it:

  • Make a voice call, a circular button (Record) will show up.
  • Tap, and it will start the call recording.

Where are the recording saved :

  • Launch File Explorer and look for a folder named as “Recorded Calls”
  • Open, and all the recorded calls will be available against the contact name.

How it the quality of recorded calls :

It is loud, and clear. The files are recorded at 170 kbps.  While the background noise is not completely surpassed, the voices in calls dominate.

Other Features:

You an also take a quick look at recorded call while you are on the dialer. Hit the menu bar > select  Recorded Calls. It lists all the recording chronologically with details on duration of call recording.

  • To view the contact number, and other details,  long press on the recording to get option “Open Contact”.
  • Using the native audio editor (tap on any of the call recording to listen to launch), you can edit, trim, mark important points, and share it over Outlook, bluetooth and other places.

I am really hoping this feature to get enabled on all Windows 10 Mobile devices including the older generation which are due an upgrade. Lumia 5500 has Snapdragon 210 which is lower than Snapdragon 400 processor which powers many Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

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  1. Nope. Nokia Lumia 925, the newest update, shows only: ““Choose the app you want to use to manage video phone calls.”. Skype is set as default. So, no option for a voice phone calls :(


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