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Enable Samsung Focus S extra Settings on Other Samsung Phones ( Homebrew )

Windows Phone Samsung Focus S comes along with extra settings which has options to turn on or off Auto Display Intensity, use Key Vibration Feedback and Use Echo Cancellation and these settings has been made available via a XAP file which can be deployed to a developer unlocked phone and you will need to fix the certificate issue also.

The XAP file was found by clfosk@xdaforum inside the windows directory.

 What are these settings for ? 

  • Auto Display Intensity : Even on low intensity, when you had selected white theme or rather background as light when selecting the theme accent colour, it was too bright and this is adjust the colour so power consumption can be reduced and hence increase battery life.
  • Key Vibration Feedback : Also called as Haptic Feedback to make you get the feel of pressing the physical keypad
  • Use Echo Cancellation :  This improves the voice quality by cutting down the noise. This setting is not visible when posted to other device
Samsung Focus S Extra Settings

However before you go and deploy it,  the settings are not working as intended i.e. They are not staying back when rebooted.

  • Auto Display Intensity Works when you have selected Automatically Adjust On under brightness Settings
  • Key vibration feedback keeps giving feedback even when turned off.

So you can try and make your choice to keep it or uninstall it. This is being experienced by many forum members at XDA and is being extensively discussed at this thread. You can download the XAP file from here

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  1. Hello, I have a samsung focus S phone but i am unable to install Samsung video call app from marketplace which should work on this phone as this phone has a front facing camera. Can anyone please help me,Thanks in advance.


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