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Download Enpass portable (Password Manager on USB) for Windows 10, Mac and Linux

Encase today has officially launched its Portable version i.e. Password Manager on USB to everybody who would want to try it. The portability factor lets you just plug in the USB drive anywhere, and access your passwords which is especially useful when you access from public PC. Here is how you can Download Enpass Password Manager Windows 10.


Download Enpass portable (Password Manager on USB) for Windows 10, Mac and Linux

There are two big advantages of using Enpass portable. First, you don’t need to look for installing the software no matter where, and Secondly it is truly cross platform. Even if you dont have access to a Windows machine, you can still use it on Mac, or even Linux.

Who should use Enpass Portable?

Not everyone, actually. If you use our desktop and mobile apps, and that works for you, you don’t have a need for Enpass Portable.

But if you frequently get into situations where you can’t install the Enpass app because of lack of admin rights to perform installation (think libraries, public places, et al) or if you keep switching workstations in your organization (Well, hello, system admins!) and need access to your data, Enpass Portable is for you.

Of course, you should take care of using Enpass Portable on known, secure and reliable terminals only. More

The only obvious drawback is that it doesn’t sync over the mobile platform, and hence if you use on mobile. This can be a little tricky. I think the best-suited scenario for those on mobile is when you get on travel, you can carry one for faster access.

It works on any USB drive, and you can download the Enpass Portable for Windows and Mac from here, for Linux from here (you’ll need an EXT4 formatted USB drive)

So if you want a password manager which works offline, Enpass is a great solution.

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