Download Evernote Extension for Microsoft Edge

Evernote has released a new extension for the Microsoft Edge browser. This Evernote extension for Microsoft Edge allows you to save and manage notes right from your browser. The extension lets you save webpages to Evernote with a single click. You can also add to existing notes by just dragging and dropping files and images from your computer.

Download Evernote Extension for Microsoft Edge

In the image above, you can see how beautifully the extension lists down your existing notes, offers tag, and even allows you to search for articles in Notebook if you have a huge collection.

Features of Evernote Extension

Save web pages, articles, and PDFs: When you find useful information online, clip it to Evernote. Save full page screen captures or just the parts you want to remember, without the clutter of ads and headlines.

Better than a bookmark: No more searching from scratch. No more dead links. Clipped content is always available in your Evernote account, whenever and wherever you need it.

Annotate screenshots: Take a screenshot of a webpage, then add text, callouts, or annotations to highlight important information, so you never forget why you saved it.

Organize on the fly: Add tags and remarks, edits titles, and save content to any notebook you choose so it’s easy to find it again later.

Evernote is a free note-taking app for Windows 10 devices, and it can be useful for school, work, or your personal life. It’s available for Windows 10 PCs as a free download from the Edge Store.

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