Everything You Need to Know About Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Millions of people use Windows 10 across the globe and they are eagerly waiting for the Anniversary Update which is expected to come on 2nd August 2016. It will bring many useful features for the users such as more efficient and easily accessible browser, advance tools for the top level of gaming experience and many more.

Microsoft wants as many people as possible to get the benefit of its latest operating system without any complication that’s why the free upgrade offer of Windows 10 was available till 29th July for those who are running a genuine copy of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. They have also come up with some additional offers and discounts for students on a new purchase. Let’s see what are the major improvements that will storm the world in near future.

Start Menu

There would be few changes in the start menu after the anniversary update too. Right now we see most used at the top, but it will feature Recently added at the top of it after the update. There is a single column for all apps and user would be able to see more apps in three columns which is useful for touch devices as you need bigger tabs to tap properly.

All apps will appear in a single list, and in an alphabetical order. The “Recently Added” feature will expand to show newly installed games and apps. Other icons such as Settings, Power Button, User Profile Likewise etc. will appear on the left in a three column layout. A user Profile icon will appear with an image, and  will become shorter. User name won’t be listed on the start menu until you float it.

Right now the live tiles display current information which jumps to the app when the user clicks on them to get complete information. After the  Anniversary Update users would be able to go straight to the relevant content which reflects on the tile. Though, Developers need to enable these Chase-able Live Tiles with their app which may take a few weeks.

Quick actions that are located at the bottom of the action center are currently fixed. After the update, users can customise them as well.

Windows 10 Anniversay Update Start Menu

Action Center

Windows 10 Anniversary Update will bring some necessary changes in action center as well to improve its functionality and make it more user friendly. The action center button will appear on the extreme right side of the task bar separately so that the user can come to know about a new notification easily when it arrives. The action center is going to be a bit more interactive, and its icon will change to show users where the notification originates from. An added badge will inform you about all your missed notifications in a numbered overview.

Apps will now include profile icons, images, interactive options etc. Some notifications will have a bigger and noticeable card-like user interface. Users would be able to decide which apps appear on the top priority when a notification comes arrives and place them on the basis of high and low priority. Users can also configure the numbers of notifications from any app appear in the Action Center. You can choose from 1, 3, 5, 10 or 20 and rest notifications will hide under ‘see more’.

Windows 10 Anniversay Update Action Center

Dark Mode

Few upcoming devices like laptops, tables and Ultrabook are coming with AMOLED display which provides black screens to consume less power. Right now few apps on Windows 10 have an optional dark mode, which shows a black background, but the whole OS cannot turn every option dark. After the Windows 10 Anniversary Update users would be able to do so. In order to enable dark mode, you need to go to Settings > Personalization > Colours > Dark and apart from the PC, change will also take effect in Windows store.

However, you cannot override user-installed apps by making this change because they will have their own specific settings. You cannot change the theme to dark mode in File explorer also. The feature has the ability to change light  automatically as per the sunset or a particular time which is set by the user.

Windows 10 Anniversay Update Dark Mode

Microsoft Edge

You can expect a lot more improvement in the Edge browser after the Anniversary Update with new features and fixes. You can use biometrics to log in to websites using Windows Hello which is not possible with any other browser at the movement so definitely a bit achievement for Microsoft.

Edge will support extensions like  Amazon Assistant, Ad-Block, Ad-Block Plus, Reddit Enhancement Suite and many more which are available in Windows store and can be install easily, They will also be updated automatically. The design execution of an extension is compatible with similar options and menus. Organizations would be able to port their extensions apparently from Chrome with limited changes in coding.

One more change in the Edge is important, it finally includes the ‘paste and go’ feature which is available in browsers like safari for years. Tablet users would be able to swipe back and forth the Edge browser.  Edge is going to be more power efficient and will utilize less RAM to open a webpage. Its display quality is also going to be better and visuals would be more clear specially with the dark theme.

Amazon Extension for Edge on Windows 10

Windows Store

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is a unique platform for all developers from where they can make their apps public for PCs, smartphones, tablets and Holo-Lens. The Windows store is a one stop shop for games, apps, movies and music for millions of its users across the globe and with Anniversary Update Microsoft is going to change its layout to make it more expressive and convenient for users.

Soon the Xbox One and One S users would be able to take the benefit of it. The new design of each app will include information like availability, system requirements, user reviews, dark theme, download history etc. which would be very useful because all users do not use the same kind of a device and getting such information after buying the product could be really frustrating.

Windows 10 Store

Reviews are much improved and you can filter them through versions. After the update user would be able to install large games into the secondary drive. You can watch the trailer of a movie under the title. The new layout displays information in the middle instead of two sides. To give you the information about latest update on the system, it has recent activity which appears under downloads and updates. User can also see notification of new apps via action center.

Tablet Mode

Many people believe that the tablet mode of Windows 8.1 was much better compared to Windows 10 that’s why Microsoft has changed the layout after getting lots of feedbacks and finally going to introduce an improved tablet mode with the Windows 10 Anniversary update. The Start Screen still includes the same 3 column setup in a grid-style structure, but the appearance of start menu has totally changed which usually appears on the left side which accommodates customizable shortcuts and quick access all apps in the list. User can customize shortcuts like File Explorer, Settings, Downloads, Documents, Pictures, Music, videos, Home Group, Personal folder and Network that appear on the start menu.

Windows 10 Anniversay Update Tablet Mode

The app list has also changed and looks like the app list of Windows 8.1. Now more apps will be displayed on the center of start screen and provide more information. You can scroll the menu and see more apps. Though, the apps are not displayed horizontally like Windows 8.1 instead, you can see them vertically, which is quite useful for tablet users.

There is a major change in the task bar also, It will hide itself while launching any app. However, users would be able to access task view and Cortana from the system tray. Touchscreen users can also swap from the bottom to bring the taskbar back even if you are on the screen of any app and there is no need to go back to the desktop screen for that.

Since the lock screen is essential for many users specially the tablet users, that’s why it is also going to be improved. Now users can play, pause or stop music from the lock screen. Users can also access Cortana by tapping on the icon that appears on the top left or just say ‘Hey Cortana’ and it will appear on the screen.

Windows Hello

Many people stop using a website just because they forget the password and due to complicated security parameters fail to recover it.

Windows 10 currently have a feature named Windows Hello which allows user to unlock the PC with the help of biometrics. The new Anniversary Update will improve its functionality and user would be able to utilize its security with Microsoft Edge and Windows apps. Till now no other browser supports fingerprints or eye scanning to sign in on any supportive site. It will enable some companion devices such as Fitness band and smartphones with Windows Hello so that user can unlock the computer using those devices.

Surface Pro 4 Windows Hello


Cortana is an intelligent digital assistant, which interacts with the user and helps him/here to operate the system with ease by keeping everything up to date. After the new update, it will become smarter and enhance its functionality with the following improvements.

Cortana India Features

  • Cortana will now be available on the lock screen so that user can invoke it at any point of time do things like playing music, settings reminders or ask questions.
  • Cortana will save the information and remind you when required, users can also take pictures and add to those reminders. You can also ask Cortana to set reminders without setting the time or date.
  • Cortana will inform you about the status of your computer on your phone. Your phone notifications will also appear on your desktop. So now users can reply to their WhatsApp messages without taking your phone out.

With the ability to sync phones with the computer Cortana expands its functionality and can be used by those who don’t have Windows phone. Though, it is still not available for all countries and regions.

Windows Ink

Keyboards have their limitations and don’t allow solving equations, make diagrams or composing music, that’s why many people use a pen and papers for such things. There is always a possibility of loosing hand written notes. A new update will give you the power of writing on your Windows 10 device using its new innovative Pen.

Windows 10 Anniversay Update INK

Windows Ink would be integral in many apps such as MS Office, Maps and Microsoft Edge. Users would be able to create reminders for Cortana directly from their handwritten notes on the screen. You can draw a line from one place to another to define a route and Windows will work on it automatically.


Microsoft knows that people spend more time with their smart phones now a days and in order to Windows 10 mobiles making a useful accessory of a Windows 10 computer, necessary changes in Continuum are required. With the Anniversary Update, Microsoft is going to introduce a new standalone app, namely ‘Connect’ which will work for Windows phones and desktops. This app will allow users to broadcast their computer on another PC or a Windows phone using Continuum. This technique is really awesome and will help users to share screens without any hassle as it doesn’t require any external hardware to connect two devices.

Continuum Review

Windows Defender

Many people are not aware that Windows 10 comes with an inbuilt security software named Windows Defender so don’t use it and at times suffer a lot due to virus related problems. The company has addressed this issue and come up with the following solutions.

After the update, the new improved Windows Defender will schedule scanning of your computer automatically and issue notifications after doing a complete scan and finding threats. It will work even if you install any third party security software in the system. It is possible to disable it as well, and comes with Offline Scanning.

Limited Periodic Scanning Window 10 Defender


Gaming industry is rapidly growing and your gaming experience differs on various devices, but Windows 10 will now change this perception with Xbox One and the Xbox app. Xbox Play Anywhere will be supported by a new title published from Microsoft Studio and users would be able to access them from Windows Store. This program will allow users to buy games and app bundles, pre-downloads, pre-orders and subscriptions of their choice once and play on Windows 10 computers as well as Xbox One under shared game, shared progress and shared achievements.

XBox App Party Chat on Windows 10

Gamers would be able to use Cortana commands to find and play games on Xbox One. Users can choose from multiple languages as per their location and play background music after the Xbox One August Update.


Microsoft has always come up with innovative solutions for its consumers and Windows has continued the same legacy. According to the company, feedbacks provided by the users is they key factor that helps to understand their needs and design the OS as per their requirement.

Using a PC or smartphone after having the Windows 10 Anniversary update would be a fun. It will make users and enterprises more product and allow them to use the internet safely. The existing users have no need to pay extra for these tools and features as they will be free for them.

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