Everything you need to know about the Fluent Design System for Windows 10

Metro, Modern and now Fluent Design System, Microsoft has been working hard with the design language of Windows 10. Fluent Design System, previously (or internally) known as the Project Neon is by far the best design language of Windows. According to the company, the goal of Fluent Design System is to deliver harmonious, intuitive, inclusive and responsive cross-device experiences and interactions.


Now’s the time for bold, scalable, universal design. This is a transformation. A step into the future of sensory experiences. The world is at our fingertips – join Microsoft in building a design evolution.

While Microsoft has already started updating apps like Groove, Maps etc. with the new Fluent Design system, the OS will get complete overhaul soon. We’re not too sure if the complete OS will be get Fluent Design System with the Fall Creators Update, but at least the apps will definitely. Personally, I’m in love with the Fluent Design System, and I want them to make the whole OS follow the Fluent design language right now!

These devices all behave differently and fulfill different needs. From large screens to no screens they rely on touch, ink, voice, gaze, and gesture. Every day, developers also face the challenge of a multi-device, multi-interaction world, and we are committed to simplifying this world with a modern Microsoft design system.



Sensory Experiences

Microsoft calls it a rapid evolution in user interfaces. The spectrum of dimensionality expands from zero to four. We speak, type, ink, touch, and gaze. We’re engaged and immersed. We’re surrounded by devices, interactions, and experiences. To translate across dimensions and contexts, we need to solve for a sensory digital world, and be fluent in our designs.


Light has a way of drawing our attention. It’s warm and inviting; it’s fluid and purposeful. Light creates atmosphere and a sense of place, and it’s a practical tool to illuminate information.


Think of motion design like a movie. Seamless transitions keep you focused on the story, and bring experiences to life. We can invite that feeling into our designs, leading people from one task to the next with cinematic ease

Fluent Design is beautiful and it will make you fall in love with your PC, yet again. Check out the official website here

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