Exclusive Preview : What’s coming in Nextgen Reader for Windows Phone 8

Nextgen Reader for Windows Phone is the best Google Reader App which does not need an introduction. However if, you haven’t tried it out yet, grab one copy for yourself like right now. The app is currently available at discount for $1.29 and will return back to $1.99 price when Windows Phone 8 update is released, so grab it like right now.

Windows Phone 7.5 users who just upgraded themselves to Windows Phone 8, we have some exciting news for you. The app is already in beta and almost near its completion and its just freaking awesome. Below are the screenshots which just speaks for themselves followed by the change long which will get you even more exciting.

Nextgen Reader for Windows Phone 8 Gallery

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What’s new for Windows Phone 8 :

  • Support for HD and higher resolutions.
  • Fast app resume from the start screen, so you don’t have to wait for the app to start again.
  • Support for multiple small, medium and wide live tiles. Each of these sizes is utilized well. As an example if you use the biggest size, you can see the post tagline on the front tile while the back tile displays the image in the post.
  • It integrates with Lock Scree to display the count of unread feed.
  • Brand new icon and theme for Windows Phone 8.
  • Always read complete stories using “full article mode” which is powered by Readability.
  • Customizable list views to either make it pretty with image thumbnail or keep it on strict text mode.
  • New gestures for changing articles.
  • New metro style share menu.
  • New “show image captions” in article.
  • Improved image caching speed by 2-3x times.
  • Improved YouTube support with IE10.
  • Fixed: Image resizing in article view.
  • Several other UX/design improvements, bug fixes and enhancements.

Apart from this, here are some more features in the Nextgen Reader app :

  • Completely offline mode where images are also cached.
  • You can have multiple live tiles for feeds on the start screen. Useful for tracking multiple websites.
  • It uses HTTPS and Encryption which makes sure your data is safe.
  • If you wanted a Google Reader kind of look and feel, the app just gives you that with support of starred, all items, read items etc.

Users who already have bought the app in Windows Phone 7.5 will not have to buy again, and all they will need is updating the app or reinstall it.

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