Extend Battery Life on Windows Phone with Taplex Battery App

If you are using a Windows Phone and not getting good battery life on your device, here is a new app for Windows Phone which improves it. Battery – TapPlex is a free battery saving app that can extend your battery life up to 50% by finding apps and settings that drain power on your device. The app can find apps which are hogging the battery the most and disables them.

Battery – TapPlex gives a longer life to your Windows phone, provides you with detailed battery information and helps it charge healthily with our unique 3 Stage charging system.

Battery saverBattery saver1Battery saver2

Features of the app:

  • Disable unnecessary apps and settings that drain your battery
  • Accurate battery remaining time
  • Accurate charging remaining time
  • Unique 3 Stage Charging system!
  • Wifi/Data/Bluetooth toggle
  • Brightness control
  • Battery temperature
  • Charging Tips
  • 10 languages supported
  • Simple easy-to-use interface

The app can not only improve the battery life, it can also estimate the battery capacity remaining and also tells you how long battery will last under a variety of situations (playing games, wifi on or off, etc). The app is available free on the Windows Phone store.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

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Nirmal is a big fan of Windows phone ever since it was released. He started off with Nokia Lumia 800 and then got the Lumia 920. Presently he owns the Lumia 730 and Lumia 930.


  1. Waste app .it also run in background….default battery saver is more than enough for wp

  2. Did you even try this app? It drained even more battery after I started using it. Total waste…

  3. For me it says, the app is not available for your device / region.

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